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As we head towards extreme drought across the Western U.S. - we all need to be more aware (and engaged) that water doesn’t “come from the tap.” It comes from lifelines like these that we often take for granted. I had the pleasure to talk about this and more with @joshjespersen @cjroam @seeterrygo @TheAdventureActivist for @roam recently. Thanks all. #water #nature #coloradoriver 📷 #petemcbride
Ribbon of life: The upper Gila River winds through America’s first wilderness area and is some the most remote country I’ve seen. I paddled it in a pack-raft last spring (extreme social distance) for @americanrivers to document this free-flowing gem and the wild wonders it supports. Thanks Senators @senatormartinheinrich @SenatorLujan for your vision to protect this desert lifeline. #wildgilariver #wilderness #wildandscenic #nature #NewMexico 📷 by #petemcbride
Happy Mother’s Day - to all the hard working mamas out there. I feel so lucky to have a mother who supported me and my creative side over the years — and she still does. Moutie (her nickname) is a remarkable painter who finds inspiration in nature — and inspires myself and others to do the same. Thanks mom. Mucho Lovo. #HappyMothersDay #mom #nature #grateful 📷 lions #PeteMcBride 2. Watercolor by #lauriemcbride 3. My mom & a wolf
Seasons and time can be remarkable parents of perspective. #humility #nature #grandcanyon #water #sonyalpha 📷 by #petemcbride
To a colorful Cinco de Mayo - wherever it finds you. The holiday celebrates the Mexican army's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 during the Franco-Mexican War - not Mexico’s Independence which is September 16th. Baile y canta safely my cincodedrinko amigos. #travel #mexico #archive
Speaking in trunk: Using receptors in their trunks and padded feet, elephants can hear frequencies 20 times lower than humans and can communicate via the vibrations up to six miles away. From my upcoming book about the power of natural sound and silence. To learn more or pre-order, check the link in bio. #SeeingSilence #nature #elephants #wildlife #aerial #Africa 📸 by #petemcbride
The difference of a year. New York April 2020. An outtake from my new book #SeeingSilence. More info in my bio link. #quiet #newyork #perspective #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride
Happy Trails this weekend. Colorado 2011 - while documenting food and water in the West, I spent a dusty day with these ranchers. Agriculture is one of the largest straws on the Colorado River sipping over 70% of its flow but it also provides much of North America’s salad bowl and more. What we eat (and wear) and how much of it, has huge impacts on water, land and more. Ranch and farmlands also create and support vast open space. Food for thought. #unpublished #photography #water #food #cowboys #agriculture 📸 #petemcbride
Missing this place. Here's a glimpse of a film I did a few years ago featuring a famous canyon with a famous river and the legacy of a famous conservationist. For more, check out my short film "Martin's Boat."⁣ ⁣ @oars_rafting#ColoradoRiver #GrandCanyon #whitewater #nature #adventure 🎥 by #petemcbride
Always good to get up into the open-aired cathedrals that instill humility. I ski this mountain every year to visit the hill, friends (father / son team @abergerjohann in photo 1) and remember those who have skied on in the wind. #lathe #nature #mountains #wind #tradition 📷 #petemcbride
Holy Cow - I’m saddened by the tragic news from India. Wishing all my friends (hooved included) light and health wherever they find it as they struggle with their latest COVID surge. If I could bring oxygen to this amazingly rich realm full of messy vitality, heartfelt humanity and many, many challenges, I would. A stark reminder that the darn pandemic is stubbornly lingering - despite all our fatigue from it. #india #holycow #ganges #fineart 📷 by #petemcbride
I’ve spent years trying to protect my backyard and beyond — with photography, film, words and more. We all face a vast array of challenges on our shared planet — especially with climate change — so we need more institutions stepping up on this critical front. One thing I’ve learned is that where we keep our money can have significant impacts on the environment based on what banks finance and what they don’t. I’m excited to team up with @bankofthewest because of their strong environmental stance and sustainable financing practices. They even have a 1% For The Planet @1percentftp account which will donate 1% of the account’s net revenues to support environmental nonprofits. The account will also allow you to monitor the carbon impact of your debit card purchases through the mobile banking app (excited and scared to see my own). We have a lot more to do, but this is one easy step to make a difference in our lives— every day. #petemcbride 📷 of wildfire smoke filling the valleys of the Rockies —a rare sight when I was young, now a common occurrence. #bankofthewest #sustainablefinance #nature #conservation