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Happy born day to this little one. My prima. My own living cabbage patch doll. Thank you for being my little sis, seeing you grow into the most beautifulest woman and artist has been incredible to witness. And thank you for documenting my first film and getting us kicked out of Francis Ford Coppola’s house. Good work. Abuela loves you little Lan.
A forty ounce.
One year later still too damn timely.
Still so far to go in this country. Be better. My cut.
Neu neu.
Partnering with @instagram and @howard1867 (HU! You KNOW) to amplify and support the stories of aspiring Black storytellers through the Instagram #ShareBlackStories ‘Future First’ Reels Challenge.
Respect. Inspire. Bless. Serve. Broken.
Lovers rock by Lelanie Foster.
Every day I literally think back on this profound show by the inimitable @toyinojihodutola and I am grateful I live in a time when I can witness her glory. These piercing images are forever with me.
Forever la luz. MissIng my Abuela. Happy Birthday.