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What a day what a day. Wish you could hear this... @capitolrecords @jessiej @ryantedder @arrangedbydavid
Oh btw the biggest song of my life (yet) dropped today. You should probably go listen to it. Longer more sappy post to come.... #selfishlove @djsnake @selenagomez @katdahlia @ksotomvyor
I’ve been a fan of @mrjacobbanks long before getting a chance to work with him. Today the full album For My Friends is finally released and it was a rare opportunity for me to work on an entire project and flex my mixing skills specifically. So proud of how this album turned out and what a complete sound and body of work it is. Congrats to everyone involved. This one needs to be played on the vinyl for years to come.
Warp Speed Suzie by the legend @tommy.newport OUT NOW. Produced and cowritten with @blair_sounds @4thpyramid .
My brother @lostboycrow just dropped another EP gem for the world. Proud to play a part in the magic. We went fully oldschool with this one - live drums, bass, gtr - and a little production sauce added to keep it flavorful. Produced “november sleep” and “oceans and roads” on this. Linkinbio. ❤️❤️🙏🙏
One of, if not my personal favorite from the entire album... “Devil That I Know”. Had the honor and pleasure of mixing this one. Chapter 2 of the story for the one and only @mrjacobbanks
Selena Gomez - Revelación album out today. Hard to believe. Congrats to @selenagomez and everyone involved. started a little song idea two years ago with two of my closest friends in music @katdahlia and @ksotomvyor in the most organic way possible and here we are. More than anything, its so amazing to be able to share this moment with people i love and who ive shared so much creative history with. Thanks and love to my team/familia and everyone involved, and of course cant forget @djsnake and Selena for helping make this beautiful project a reality 7 Selfish Love
Man beeen waiting a minute to see this one out in the wild. PARADE by the legend @mrjacobbanks out today. Honored to put hands on this one and to see this gorgeous video bring life to the vision. Mixed by yours truly. So much 🕶 to all involved
November Sleep by my brother @lostboycrow out now! Produced by myself, with the Flor boys @dylanwilliam23 and @kylemhill laying down the bass/drums at my old studio. Feels amazing to hear this out in the world after all this time
Wow. What can i say, Im so damn happy to see this project finally out in the world. Proud of you @katdahlia and all the many many talented writers, producers, and engineers that were a part of this project. It was such a labor of love and helped me grow so much as a writer and producer. Hard to believe it started so long ago with Mojada in the very first session. Thanks for bringing me into your universe Kat and letting me flex on some latin beats. And also for introducing me to Miami, which i may have to move to one day. SEVEN out now. cowrote/produced tracks 2/3/5/6/9 linkinbio
@isheofficial_ with the debut release!! We did this one so many years ago, amazing to finally see it out in the world. Proud of you brother, only the beginning for you!
BERNADETTE - ZACK VILLERE .... out yesterday and on the cover of Pollen!! Congrats brother, proud to lend a hand on production and see this beauty out in the world.