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@chloe ・・・ “I think a Chloé woman is someone who possesses very feminine qualities while keeping her own personality in a balance of gentility and strength,” says photographer Luo Yang (@LuoYangggg ) who shot @NRamsayLevi ’s #CHLOESpring21 collection with model Iris Yang (@1risy ) for #CHLOEVoices. Shop the latest looks including new Daria styles in boutiques and on chloe.com #CHLOE
@chloe The #CHLOESpring21 collection by @NRamsayLevi continues with a collaborative series between photographer Luo Yang (@luoyangggg ) and model Iris Yang (@1risy ). “I wanted to authentically present a vision of Chinese girls wearing Chloe: elegant and powerful,” Luo says. Discover new arrivals in boutiques and on chloe.com #CHLOEVoices #CHLOE
📷 shoot for @kingkongmagazine Issue10. Cover 蝴蝶公主🦋🎀@butterfly.minmin Models: Princess Butterfly, Xu Rong, Lisha, Wenchu, Karman
Rui x Luo Direcor/Director Of Photographer: Luo yang Photographer:@oioooooooool @yohoocrap Editor/Colorist:@oioooooooool Photographer Assistant:XiaoTian ChengQian Model:@buterfly.minmin @ipgurl @jiaqibi @rong.rong913 @_shelenary_ @usually_dream Designer/Stylist:@ruiofficial.me Stylist Assistant:@bitaipul @77zhangg
📷 for i-D @i_d NO.362 THE UTOPIA IN DYSTOPIA ISSUE 国际版封面 -鹿晗 @7_luhan_m
New exhibition with friends in The 8th Jinan International Photography Biennale.
AFTER IMAGE—The 8th Jinan International Photography Biennale.
Karman-《Girls》 It doesn’t matter Who you are anymore She grows a pair of wings It doesn’t matter Who is she anymore Where she has been spotted before She is a bird 分享个小预告,夏天在洪水过后的景德镇拍了karman。 剪辑中,女孩系列视频的第一波.