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I’M EXCITED! DROP A COMMENT IF YOU PLAN ON JOINING ME! Easter Sunday ‼️ @TheIsleyBrothers vs @EarthWindAndFire 🔥 Hosted by THE ONE AND ONLY @IamSteveHarveyTV . Music by DJ @DNICE 🔥🔥🔥 Make sure you’re wearing your Sunday’s best for this one! Sunday, April 4th, 5PM PT / 8PM ET Watch in HD in the @Triller app or on @verzuztv . Drinks by @Ciroc 🎨 @jamescharlesmorris
Wearing @dior for @theellenshow today
It don't cost no more energy to think big than it does to think small.
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If you're a couple, you need a minimum of 4 bank accounts and here's why...
At the time, I had been asking God my whole life... what is my purpose? Do you know your purpose? Are you living in your gift? You will only find peace and happiness when you live in your gift. Your gift is the thing God created you to be.
Service vs Chuuuuch 😂🤣😂 which one do you attend?
I jumped immediately into comedy at age 27 but ended up homeless and that wasn't the end of my struggle. Don't let your struggle rob you of your success.
Don’t ever stop believing. Don’t ever give up.
I’m back 🙌🏾 #Repost @etvonline @familyfeudafrica It is official, he is BACK and in STUDIO! Your man @iamsteveharveytv is back in SA and filming Season 2 of @familyfeudafrica SA. Coming soon to your screens. #FamilyFeud #FamilyFeudAfrica #FamilyFeudSA Steve Harvey #RapidBlue #etvonline #KFCSA #StandardBankZA
This is a game changer. Do this and see how it changes your life. #motivationmonday
2 of my all time favorite bands battling it out on Sunday 4/4 @theisleybrothers @verzuztv the elements, @earthwindandfire ... my mind 🤯🤯🤯 #repost Breaking News🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Steve Harvey (@iamsteveharveytv ) will be hosting #VERZUZ, this Sunday with @TheIsleyBrothers and @EarthWindAndFire ! Watch on @verzuztv or download @triller for the HD big TV experience with the family this Easter Sunday, 5PM PT / 8PM ET! #VERZUZ