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Oh my god! This is the best birthday gift ever. I really don’t know what to say at this point. I can’t believe all of this is happening in my first year..I genuinely feel like I have the best fans in the world. I truly thank all of you guys so much for changing my life. These past few months have been a whirlwind of experiences, both good and bad. I’ve been working endlessly to bring to you all the next chapter in this journey. You will hear from me soon❤️
will you sing it back to me?
day and night
All To Me; out now. Enjoy ✨
26. 🎈
Heartbreak Anniversary visuals out now 💔
It’s cold outside, like.. 💔❄️
The anniversary for the release of Take Time is creeping up on us all....what a year it’s been. My first two EPs were stories about a chapter in my love life. The bright spots and the nuisances. I really just used music as a vehicle to exhibit all of my vulnerabilities and truths... the fact that so many people are moved by my stories leaves me speechless everyday. I’m beyond grateful and blessed to have you all along every step of the journey. I decided to combine both of my first two eps into one project: When It’s All Said and Done... Take Time. I also added a new song to the project... the end of a chapter means the start of a new one.. 3/12.. pre-save at midnight ✨
Wow my first number 1! 🏆 shout to my brother JB for letting me be apart of this moment. It feels even better cause I caught one with the bros 🤞🏾 @justinbieber @danielcaesar
we’ll see what’s bout to happen next
year 1 in the books 🏆