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a splash of good news for your monday morning ~ feeling very very very lucky to be gettin hitched to my favorite person 🥰
So stoked to finally share this short film I had the opportunity to direct and DP about a very rad, very sweet, very inspiring and badass group of friends. We had an incredible crew of folks come together to bust their tails to pull this off. If you have 7 short minutes to spare I’d be thrilled if you took the time to watch 🙃 Director / DP : @erynncpatrick Production: @haligardella @wearebyassociation & @nike @carrie_heather_ @jlalalaw B camera: @sonjatsypin Gaffer: @kalebmarshall 1st AC: @canterprance 2nd AC: @asuka_bot Key Grip: @austincalvello Sound mixer: @nellymigzebo camera support: @cslarentals Editor: @hanjdougherty Colorist: @dantegiani Original compositions: @maartenbayliss Post sound mixing: Hugh Wielenga ♥️Featuring♥️ @fat_girl_has_moxi @estrojen @queergirlstraightskates @kianayouwanna @jesc.uh Thank you for sharing your time and stories ♥️ special thanks: @carriejlevy @adambordow @vvaaaanda @neermotion @chandrafeltus @natmatsky ❣️
back in august this photo of me ran in @thehollywood_reporter during Emmy season, for a feature on women in cinematography discussing our work on Cheer alongside my co-dp @melissaalanger and many other brilliant lady DPs. It felt sort of surreal to be in a position to be featured on this topic, bc when I first started out I really didn’t think it was possible for someone like me to do my job. I know that sounds silly but it’s true. When I saw someone who I felt I could see myself in (it was a photo of @reedmorano operating pregnant to be exact) it was like a lightbulb went off. I know it’s sorta corny but representation is so important and I’m glad to be a part of it in my own little way. Representation opens doors and diversity makes for better stories.. anyways happy lady’s day to all the ladies, every single lady who make the world go round <3
annual proof that I exist ~ grateful for this little life of mine 🥰
it’s finally here 🥰 New work shot on 16mm for @purebeautypurebeauty ~ directed and edited by Irwin Tobias Matutina featuring @bloomedlate music @frincess , @yusu_suyu colorist @dantegiani sound @michaelmoeser Pure Beauty titles @kendallrumph , @2manydjs @kodak_shootfilm I live for these shoots, I stan pure beauty ... enjoy !!
Dream on by James Tate
hell of a year! here’s to fresh starts, both tangible and imagined
happy birthday Bob. ty for fixing everything and keeping me constantly entertained. I love you so 🥲🥰
a few favorite frames from fall/winter campaign for @parachutehome , which you may have caught on TV 🙃 Love working with this team ♥️ producer @nikinoo32 creative director @hreiniss art director @madesomedesign still photography @jessicaschramm props & wardrobe styling @scotthorne photo / video assist @stucky_time hair & makeup @maribowring
marked 3 years my sweet and gentle honey / unhinged monster ~ mister Wally ~ we love you
karma repair kit items 1-4 by Richard Brautigan
new work for @coach featuring @jlo directed by @ryanmcginleystudios 🙃 ty @neermotion @roscoproduction and the whole big talented safe + cautious team