The Grammy Awards will no longer use anonymous review committees to determine its nominees, the Recording Academy announced Friday.

The decision comes after the awards show faced harsh criticism and calls for increased transparency from #TheWeeknd, who was snubbed for last year's awards despite a record-breaking run at the top of the charts.

The Academy said it has changed the number of categories in which Academy members can vote and added two new awards, to "reflect its ongoing commitment to evolve with the musical landscape and to ensure that the GRAMMY Awards® rules and guidelines are transparent and equitable."

Previously, a review committee of at least 20 people picked the top eight nominees out of the artists who had been voted into the top 20 in four of the biggest categories: Best album, song and record of the year, and best new artist, according to The Associated Press. The majority of nominees for other awards were also chosen by review committees of varying sizes.

Now, all nominees will now be based solely on thousands of votes from the academy's voting members, the Academy said.