After a year of being told we had to put our life’s work on hold because of ya know....a pandemic..... It was great to have my first job back in the air with this loving soul @butchpacklife . Let’s be honest, we can train and take care of our bodies as much as we want. But, being creative and being “on” in rehearsal, show, or audition is a technique that we can’t start getting back until we are in the room. I am thankful that my “getting back in it” was with Angela and @lisagiobbi . They allowed us to laugh and take a second when needed as we got use to long hrs of physical creation.

I guess my shout out is this:
1)As studios open up and rehearsals start to begin BE NICE TO YOURSELF! Even if you have been taking online classes or have a place to train, you have mentally and physically been going through something. Your gonna have brian farts, Your gonna fall out of that double, those muscles are gonna be sore more than ever, and your adrenaline is going to hit. AND THAT IS OK!!!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!
2) Be in the room with people WHO SUPPORT YOU! As we have seen the world can stop at any moment so work with people who support you! Train in atmospheres that want you to succeed. Your time and life is precious

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