POV: you’re someone who studies diseases for a living. As an epidemiologist, Jessica Malaty Rivera (@jessicamalatyrivera ) knows a lot about COVID-19 and the vaccines to fight it.

“Being fearful of the virus, the data, and even the vaccines is a completely normal response. I want people to know that after spending a year analyzing devastating COVID-19 data, that these vaccines not only exceeded our expectations for efficacy, they are also very safe. The benefits of vaccination far outweigh any possible risk. This virus is cruel. And we finally have a tool in our toolkit to beat it.”

That tool also means the end is in sight. “This pandemic will not last forever. The most important things people can do is to keep your risk low. That means: wear your masks, practice physical distancing, avoid indoor/large gatherings and get vaccinated as soon as it’s your turn.”

For more reliable info about COVID-19 and vaccine safety, check out the COVID-19 Information Center at our link in bio.

Reel by @jessicamalatyrivera