Being a black woman is about embracing adversity and being proud of who I am. We put real time and work into everything we do on and off the court. It’s not magic, it’s the real thing. #WePlayReal #nike
It's especially important to recognize YOUR power within. The world is in disarray, but rest assured knowing the skin you're in is armed for the good fight. @nyliberty 's Rebel edition jersey reads EQUALITY and that term seems so farfetched right now. We're marching and fighting and pleading for our survival. JUST TO SURVIVE. And that's heartbreaking. Equality juxtaposes humanity. See me. See us. Sports serve as a microcosm of society, so as we enter WNBA 25, see THEM. See a league of 80 percent BIOPIC, a league welcoming of the LGBTQIA+ commuinty, a league that isn't afraid to march on the front lines and turn around and play on the hardwood. They’ve done it for 25 years so far and I don’t see it stopping. So here’s to 25 years and beyond @wnba ! @nikenyc @nikebasketball #teamNike #WePlayReal @nyliberty
Black women are rarely recognized for the hard work they put in. It’s not just magic, they are the real thing. Join us in celebrating their hard work and help level the playing field. #WePlayReal 🎙:@domfishback